The planet

For a number of years, there’s been a lot of talk about how we can help the planet and the species that reside on it.

This article is about how you can make a few adjustments to how you travel, the duration of your trip, where you stay and where you spend your money whilst you’re there. These adjustments will help reduce your CO2 emissions whilst you’re away.

The article contains a short video (2 minutes and 13 seconds) which explains what to do and why it would be useful to do it.

What else does the article cover?

The article suggests a few simple steps and tips to improve our
CO2 emissions:-

  • where to buy food and drink while you’re’ away, how to find out what you need to know and why it’s worth explaining why you’re asking
  • why it’s important to cut down on meat and dairy consumption
  • where to buy clothes or keepsakes, which stores to avoid and why
  • how to travel within the country
  • what type of hotel to book
  • why it’s important to pause before using heating and air conditioning
  • why it’s important to, for example, ask the waiter to leave out any straws and stirrers and re-use towels
  • what to pack in order to reduce and prevent waste
  • explain what you want so the reasoning is clear, which will help companies evaluate what their customers want and take steps to adjust what they offer
  • what to do before you leave home

What to do you do to reduce your CO2 footprint?

I’d love to hear what steps you have taken to reduce your CO2 footprint. Get in touch using this contact form or message me using Twitter or Facebook. 🙂

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