I received the email below about a security warning! It was on an official looking NHS letter headed document. However, I checked it with the local police station and was told it was a hoax. The message from the police officer is given below the hoax message.


Warning – We have received a warning from the London Ambulance Service of activities in their area. Whilst the below behaviour is not common place in our area I have spoken with Greater Manchester Police and their risk assessment of the action is to circulate it as a potential’

The London Ambulance service have units closely associated with the Police based in South London who are basically Fighting Gang Crimes. The ‘street gangs’ in London (particularly South London at present, but it is sure to spread) have initiation tasks which new gang members have to carry out to be admitted to the ‘gang’. The latest craze is to drive around, deliberately with no lights on their cars. The first person who ‘flashes’ them, points at them or sounds their horn at them, has to be followed by that new gang member in their car, who then has to fire a shot into that vehicle with no regard as to who is inside.

Our official instruction is that if we see a vehicle with no lights on, we are NOT to ‘flash’ it etc. and the advice to friends and family is that you should ignore any vehicles you see without lights. I would ask that you pass this info on to all your family, friends and colleagues and who knows, it may save a life.

Trust Security Manager

The response from the local police officer that I received was: ~


I have researched this and spoken to Safer Neighbourhoods Teams in the deepest darkest reaches of south London, who informed me that they have not heard of anything like this and that it must be an urban legend.

If this was true Police would have a duty of care to warn the public.

I also had an email detailing similar information many months ago proclaiming to be from the police.

But i personally have not heard anything via our own briefings.

I have however spoken to our Intelligence unit who have stated that intelligence of that sort would be held within the Metropolitan Police central intelligence Unit and then sent to Local Borough Intelligence units warning of the problem, this has not happened which would suggest that the report is an urban myth.

I hope this helps



It is OUR responsibility to check things out before we forward them on and create panic, confusion and cause people to worry unnecessarily! Please use the resources around you to validate information given to you before you pass it on. Here are some ideas: ~

1. Go and ask in your local police station

Visit the following web sites: ~

2. http://urbanlegends.about.com/

3. http://www.snopes.com/

4. http://www.sophos.com/security/hoaxes/


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