Freecycle is AMAZING!

I started using freecycle a few months ago. I had items in my home that were in good condition but I no longer needed or wanted them. Some were used and others were not. However, the point is; they were too good to go in the bin. There’s always the shop that raises money for charity of course. This however, is a different way to ensure that items go to a ‘good home’, someone benefits and the home is de-cluttered.

A great creation!

So here’s some info about it. Maybe you’ll become a freecycler. Perhaps you will de-clutter without leaving your doorstep and receive things you need, simply by collecting them from someone’s home without your wallet/purse becoming any lighter! ; )

Mission statement taken from

Our mission is to build a worldwide gifting movement that reduces waste, saves precious resources & eases the burden on our landfills while enabling our members to benefit from the strength of a larger community.
Disclaimer taken from

FREECYCLEâ„¢ MEMBERS USE FREECYCLE GROUPS AT THEIR OWN RISK. Please take reasonable measures to protect your safety and privacy when posting to group lists or when completing a direct gifting with another member. By joining a Freecycle list, you agree to hold neither the list owners, moderators, nor anyone affiliated with The Freecycle Network responsible or liable for any circumstance resulting from a Freecycle-related gifting or communication.A Brief History taken from

On May 1st, 2003, Deron Beal sent out the first e-mail announcing The Freecycle Networkâ„¢ to about 30 or 40 friends and a handful of nonprofits in Tucson, Arizona. At the time Deron founded The Freecycle Network, he worked with a small nonprofit organization, RISE, which provides recycling services to downtown businesses and transitional employment to Tucsonans in need.

As the team recycled, rather than watching perfectly good items being thrown away, they found themselves calling or driving around to see if various local nonprofits could use them. Thinking there had to be an easier way, Beal set up that first Freecycle e-mail group in a way that permitted everyone in Tucson to give and to get. Freecycle was off and running.

The Freecycle concept has since spread to over 75 countries, where there are thousands of local groups representing millions of members — people helping people and “changing the world one gift at a time.” As a result, we are currently keeping over 300 tons a day out of landfills! This amounts to four times the height of Mt. Everest in the past year alone, when stacked in garbage trucks!

By giving freely with no strings attached, members of The Freecycle Network help instill a sense of generosity of spirit as they strengthen local community ties and promote environmental sustainability and reuse. People from all walks of life have joined together to turn trash into treasure.


The Freecycle Network is incorporated as a nonprofit in the State of Arizona.

Nonprofit Status

The Freecycle Network is a private, nonprofit organization incorporated in the State of Arizona. Our application for federal nonprofit status — what’s known as a 501(c)3 ruling — was approved in November, 2006 by the IRS. This means that any donations made to The Freecycle Network are tax deductible retroactively stretching back to our original application date in July of 2004.


The “Freecycleâ„¢” name is a registered trademark in the European Union (R) and is a trademark in the United States and Canada, or “TM.” When the mark has been registered by the USPTO as well, this TM will also become an R, for registered.

Please visit to read the terms of service



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Linda · October 5, 2008 at 7:55 pm

Hi ya

I’ve just come across this a really interesting ‘how to reuse and recycle site.’

It has ideas and suggestions about reusing all sorts
of things e.g. bras,broken dolls,yoghurt pots,unused
sanitary towels/tampons and all sorts of other quirky things.

It’s well worth a look.

It gives lots of ideas about reusing some of the more weird,wonderful and quirky items that we might not be able to freecycle.

Heena Modi · October 5, 2008 at 7:58 pm

Wow! I checked it out. Some funky content! 🙂
Thanks for sharing this


Sagar · July 14, 2009 at 8:40 pm

Me too, I have so much to get rid of after having 6 kids. I’ll definately being using it.

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