They say that we are much better at complaining that giving positive feedback. Yes, in may cases, there is a need to share how things can be done better if something was handled poorly. The decision that then follows is about whether you phone, email, write a letter, send a fax, pop in and give verbal feedback, moan but do nothing or sit back and let it go for one reason or another.

How about when you are elated that someone has treated you really well or served you well? Have you ever experienced that person in the store who went out of their way to help you find something? Someone who offered you a staff discount but they have never met you before. A member of staff ensured you got a refund for something when it could have been disputed. Someone called you back a few times to help you get something sorted.

Well there are many examples of ‘good behaviour’ but do you reward it? NOT because it is expected but because it would just be nice. Do you ever decide to phone, email, write a letter, send a fax, pop in and give verbal feedback or tell people you know but not the person or people directly involved about these good experiences?

It takes 2 minutes depending on how much you want to share. However, often less can be more.

Below you can read the message I sent to Uniglo after a member of staff was a pleasure to be around. I didn’t have any contact details for the store so I checked the receipt, typed ‘Uniglo Plaza Oxford Street’ into Google, went to the website and used contact us to get an email address. It took less than 5 minutes.

To Whom It May Concern:

Hi. My name is Heena Modi. I went in to the Uniglo branch in the Plaza, Oxford Street, on Saturday 16th February at 17:41 p.m.

The girl in the changing rooms was amazing. She was friendly, polite, helpful, used her initiative and she wasn’t ‘in your face’ in any way. She was really nice to be around.

Just wanted to pass that on


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