A large number of our community members have either already obtained their certificates of being ‘Overseas Citizen of India’ or are considering the possibility of doing so seriously.

The concern is what is the status of their British Nationality especially when visiting India.

Would the British Government provide any consular assistance should that become necessary or deny that assistance stating that the person concerned is considered a Indian National and not entitled to any Consular assistance?

There has been a lot of discussion about it which has caused anxiety to those who already have OCI status. However, it has also stopped many from applying for it!

Mr Gopal Bhudia of Freeman Solicitors has obtained a clear statement from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office. He has allowed the Institute of Jainology to publicise the response for the general benefit of the community at large. Mr Bhudia has kindly agreed to the reply he received being circulated freely.

A copy of the letter is shown below.


For further information or clarification should it be required please contact the Foreign & Commonwealth Office directly at the address shown.

Please click here to read a document called Handbook for Overseas Indians. I hope it also helps 🙂


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