Eco friendly car

The TravelWise campaign is not anti-car, and we realise that there are times when you need to use a car to get somewhere. When you have to use a car, there are many ways in which you can drive in a more eco-friendly way.

Quick Tips:
· Drive off: An idling engine produces 80% more pollution than a vehicle in motion.
· Be smooth: Braking and accelerating increases fuel consumption by 20%. Sharp accelerations produce 50% more pollutants.
· Drive in the right gear: Change up to a higher gear as soon as possible.
· Slow down: 40-55mph is the most economical speed (at 70mph you use 30% more fuel than at 50mph)
· Plan ahead: Motorists waste 350,000 tonnes of fuel per year just getting lost!
· Check the pressure: Correct tyre pressures will prevent wasted fuel. Under-inflation by 0.3-0.4 bar can increase fuel consumption by 2-3%.

Provided by Jayesh Doshi

Green car

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