This info was forwarded to me by Linda who’s an administrator for freecycle.
What’s it all about?

Tesco is currently offering energy saving bulbs for 1p each. It expects quite a stampede, so the offer’s limited to four per customer. The deal includes both bayonet and screwfit bulbs, and there are several different brands available at 1p, including Tesco’s own brand. These normally cost about £1.50 each, so this is a great bargain.

Where can I get them?

Bulbs are available both in store and online (there’s a delivery charge for online shopping). If you’re not
sure where your nearest Tesco is, then use its store locator to find out.

But at that price won’t they run out?

The offer was launched on 12 March it’s been so popular already some people are reporting them not
being available in their nearest stores. If you’re making a special journey then it’s worth ringing your
store to check before you leave home.

Energy saving lighbulb

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