This was sent to me by the Safer Neighbourhoos team. A lot of it is common sense but it’s easier to manage when you have everything in one place, to look at and put to use before you’re about to go away.

  1. Make your home look like someone is living in it. Don’t close your curtains in the daytime this shows your house is empty. Use automatic timer-switches to turn your lights on when it gets dark.
  2. Cancel any milk and paper deliveries.
  3. Avoid discussing holiday plans where strangers might hear.
  4. Uncollected mail is a sign you are away. The Royal mail’s “Keepsafe” service will hold your mail for up to two months.
  5. Consider leaving important documents and valuables with a member of family or in a safe.
  6. Don’t put your home address on your luggage when you are travelling to your holiday destination.
  7. Valuable items that are normally left in an outhouse should be brought in.
  8. Make sure all doors and windows are locked and if you have a burglar alarm it is switched on.
  9. And just before you set off its worth taking a couple of minutes to check all the above is done

Check out the national archives re crime prevention whilst you’re away

A side note – don’t forget your passport! 🙂


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Heena Modi · July 18, 2010 at 11:07 pm

We went away over the last few days and forgot to do something! It’s not on this check list 🙁
We forgot to turn the alarm on our phone off.
It must have been going off every 10 mins over 3 days
Not ideal is it?

So the moral of the story is turn all ‘wake up’ alarms off when you go 🙂

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