I’ve written a post about why I use and recommend Ecover products. This blog tells you about how to maximisethe benefits with Ecover.


Did you know that you could refill your empty bottles of Ecover? This saves you money as well as plastic resources – your old bottle can be re-filled up to 50 times before you need to replace it! (Not forgetting to recycle your old bottle!)

If you decide to refill your empty bottle just wash it out and take it along to your nearest health food store. For details of your nearest refill stockist please click here.

Please remember to use the right bottle for the right refill – i.e. Washing up Liquid in a Washing up Liquid bottle – as this will prevent potential cross contamination of product. We also recommend that you have two bottles on the go at the same time, so that you can be using one bottle whilst waiting to get the other refilled.

Refill is available for:

* Washing Up Liquid (both varieties)
* Fabric Conditioner
* Laundry Liquid
* Multi-Surface Cleaner

Alternatively you can purchase Ecover products in 5 litre containers. These can be used to refill your smaller bottles from at home. If you decide to do this you can buy a pump directly from us – just download this form and return it to us.

We supply our stockists with large drums of Ecover product which are used to refill your smaller bottles from. Once these drums are empty they are returned to our world famous ecological factory where they are then in turn refilled themselves. Often each refill drum makes the return trip to our factory 8 times before it has to be recycled.

Once at the factory each drum is washed out using a maximum of 2.6 litres of water, which is then cleaned and treated in the factory before being flushed away – no water is ever just chucked down the drain!

Each year Ecover re-uses 20,000 drums. This means that we don’t have to produce new drums and cuts down on the amount of plastic we use. Of course, once a drum becomes too old to be re-used it is then recycled.


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