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I know of so many people who complain that it’s hard to know whether to employ someone or not. Can be trusted? Is their work good? Do they take shortcuts? Do they clear up after themselves? Will they do it in one go or will they do it in dribs and drabs?

The ones we are familiar with or those who come recommended, are often in such great demand, that we can’t get an appointment with them. Thus we’re forced to try and find someone else.

But how do we choose?
Here’s some tips from me.

“They’re MY germs so I’ll be OK”

Too many of us are unhygienic! Have you ever done or witnessed any of these things? ever seen someone sneezing without covering their mouth? have you ever blown your nose and just kept the used tissues on the sofa next to you? ever seen someone sneeze into their hands, wipe Read more…

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