Can you help someone live longer? Do you know someone else who can? Please read on and forward this message or act on it yourself?

Written by Jayden’s grandparents: ~

Our grand son Jayden, son of our son SUNIL Shah ( Captain of Navnat Golf Society) and our daughter in law Alka, daughter of Pravinbhai and Bhartiben Batavia of Shahrja (originally ex Sudan), has been diagonised with a rare blood disorder and is having treatment at the Great Ormond Hospital.

We need your help to encourage our community member register with Anthony Nolan Trust who are holding a clinic for Jayden at The Harrow Art Centre, Hatchend on 12th May 2008 between 5p.m. and 8 p.m.

Help us to help Jayden and others awaiting Bone -marrow transfer.

Details of the clinic is stated below. Your cooperation and kindness by taking positive action to the above appeal will be highly appreciated. Please circulate to Navnaty members to help with this appeal.

Written by Jayden’s parents: –

Dear All,

Our son Jayden Shah born 04.07.07 has been diagnosed with a rare blood disorder known as familial hemaphogocytic lymphiohistiocytosis (HLH) which affects one in about 2 million children.

HLH is treated initially with chemotherapy, steroids and immunosuppressants to try and get the disease into remission. However the only cure for familial or inherited HLH is a bone marrow transplant. Jayden is currently being treated at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Ours sons condition has made us aware of the acute shortage of asian bone marrow donors.

In fact if you are asian and need a bone marrow transplant and cannot find someone suitable in your immediate family you might need a miracle to find a match – we will also need to find a match from someone with the same racial background.

We as a community need to do more to help other people.

Where a related donor cannot be found both national and international bone marrow registers will be searched for a suitable match. But because of the extreme shortage of Asians on the bone marrow register the chances of Jayden fining a suitable match stand at about 100,000 to one. In comparison a white person need a unrelated bone marrow transplant faces odds of five to one – only marginally longer than the one in four chance of a member of their immediate family being compatible.

We are holding a blood testing event with the Anthony Nolan Trust (the most respected bone marrow register in the UK) so healthy asian people between 18-40 in age can become part of the Anthony Nolan bone marrow register. This event is being held on 12th May between 5pm-8pm at the Harrow Arts Centre in Hatch End, Harrow. Details below. Anthony Nolan will undertake the testing and will be launching an appeal in the next few days with posters, emails etc.

All the people that register for our appeal must also agree to being placed on the national bone marrow register so that if they are not a match for our son they could potentially help someone else.

I believe a lack of awareness is the reason why so few asian people are on the bone marrow register.

Our event is on 12th May 2008 between 5pm and 8pm at:
Harrow Arts Centre
Uxbridge Road
Hatch End
020 8416 8989

Join the national bone marrow donor register without attending the clinic please call the Anthony Nolan Trust on 0901 88 22 234.

Kind regards.
Sunil Shah
07956 154 378
0208 357 3715


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