Here’s some info on it. I think it sounds amazing! The following info is from their website. 🙂

London Bio Packaging (LBP) supplies a range of biodegradable food packaging. LBP is a specialist in eco packaging, providing compostable, recycled and also bespoke green packaging. LBP also offers the UK’s first closed loop composting service.

Bio-packaging reduces your environmental impact in three ways: it can be disposed of effectively through recycling or composting, it has a low carbon footprint and it is made from annually renewable plants (not oil).

Through using bio packaging, organisations reduce their environmental impact and show a commitment to the environment. By going green with LBP you will enhance your brand and see customers respond with increased interest, loyalty and purchasing.

London Bio Packaging was set up to reduce the negative environmental impacts of packaging. We are working towards a more sustainable future through the use of eco materials (like bio-plastics) and innovative processes (like closed loop composting). LBP is dedicated to:

* A direct positive effect on the environment and society (see our sustainability policy)
* Making eco packaging affordable
* Helping our customers capitalise on looking after the environment
* Providing exceptional service

We try to practise what we preach. We offset all the carbon emissions from our direct operations, including our deliveries through The Woodland Trust. Our offices use green electricity and internally we recycle as much waste as possible. We work on a local conservation project in West London with Groundwork. We even provide a bursary to encourage employees to bicycle to work. We are also a signatory to the Mayor of London’s Green Code.

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