I have a great fondness of the Mayhew as I helped rescue my first ever pet Brutus with their help. After he passed away, I rescued Biggie and Small. They helped in so many ways, before, during and after choosing which animal to take home.

So anyway this post is all about how we can help them, reduce the content of our recycling bins and feel a bit good about it too!

Recycle Moblie Phones & Printer Cartridges

You can now raise money for The Mayhew Animal Home by recycling your used mobile phones and printer cartridges. To request freepost envelopes, which you can use to forward your used cartridges or phones, please click here, print off the form, and send it to: FREEPOST NAT 16879, PO Box 575, Ipswich, IP8 4WR. Alternatively, you can call EAH Recycling to request envelopes on 01473 658 161 or by send an email to lizzie@flint-cottage999.freeserve.co.uk

Mobile Phones

Click here for The Mayhew Animal Home’s Recycling Envelope request form

On average each workable phone received is worth £6 to The Mayhew Animal Home. To donate your mobile, remove your sim card and place the phone in a freepost envelope which you can request from the address above. Please do not include mobile chargers. Your envelope will hold up to three handsets – why not ask friends and family to donate too!

Printer Cartridges

For each cartridge recycled, EAH Recycling will donate up to £1 to The Mayhew Animal Home. Not only will you be helping to improve the environment, but you will also help us to save thousands of animals from cruelty and neglect every year.

All types of cartridges will be accepted, other than Epson, Epson Compatible, and laser or toner cartridges.

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