Over the years there has been a lot of research carried out, statistics have been constructed, debates have been held and policies have been changed or formed, all addressing sex and what can and does happen after people engage in it, be it carelessly or carefully. It has been brought further forward in the political agenda and people are still unhappy, arguing that nothing has been achieved and not enough has changed.

So one argument is that we should increase the age for when it should be legal and socially permitted for couples to be free to make love or simply have sexual intercourse without being frowned upon. Just as with the “Should we legalise drugs?” argument, some will abide and some will not. There will be benefits and disadvantages. Not everyone will be happy but we need to weigh up the different effects and then come to a firmly based conclusion.

Others argue that the youth of today have become too free with their affection and it needs to be stopped/controlled because it is creating a promiscuous culture. Of course it doesn’t only affect the younger members of society but they are often more vulnerable in terms of being hurt mentally and physically. Also promiscuous people and those who are too trusting to ask necessary questions could have some major consequences in store for them! The number of sexually transmitted infections (STI) that exist has increased, the detection of them is not becoming earlier and the those with permanent affects can leave the ‘victim’ devastated!

Another argument is that society pays for it in a monetary form due to the rise in one parent families and those who need treating in STI clinics etc. Also we have too many unwanted, not properly cared for children. What will the future society be like?

Or are we making too much of a big deal out of these moments of intimacy? Should people in fact be blahzay about it so that we are less prudish and as a result, more relaxed about it? After all, it’s not a big deal right?

Arguments against this are that all of the above issues will fit into place once people remember the special element to making love. That it is not something to be given to or shared with anyone. Surely not with someone that we simply ‘like’. It is something very personal that should be shared with someone whom you feel more strongly for!

Why have sex if you’re dating casually?
When you don’t know where you’re heading should you not be even more protective of your body. Your temple.

This should and does refer to men and women NOT just the females. It is just as important for men as it is for women, to be sure, to be right, to be happy, to be safe, to be healthy and to be parents at the ‘right’ time.

Which argument are you for?

What can we do to educate people, taking into account their needs and knowledge, rather than JUST their age?

What can we do to support those who need it?
As a parent should you empower your child and discuss this with them or shelter them from these thoughts?
Do you always know where your child/brother/sister is? Don’t panic and mistrust them. If someone wants to do something they’ll find a way! All you can do is ensure that they are skilled to make judgements that are good for them, be safe and know who to turn to if they make a mistake. Right?

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