This post is all about a website. SAY NO TO 0870!

What saynoto0870 have to say about what they’re about and why the site was created.

The site lists many well known companies, and their equivalent geographical numbers.

Alternatives are listed for 0800, 0808, 0844, 0845, 0870 and 0871 numbers.

Many people don’t realise that there are many phone providers offering cheaper calls to standard telephone numbers (those beginning with 01 or 02), which don’t apply to 0844, 0845, 0870 or 0871 telephone numbers.

Please see the links page and click on Cheapest Call Provider for price details. This shows that by using multiple providers, you can reduce your call cost on standard telephone numbers to as little as 3p fixed cost (regardless of duration), whereas the cheapest provider to 0870 numbers during the day that I am aware of charges 4p/min (+ 3p connection fee) to call. Worst still some companies that use these numbers are actually receiving a cut of the phone call costs.

If you have an ‘inclusive landline calls’ phone package, then it is very rare that 0844, 0845, 0870, or 0871 numbers are are included in your ‘free minutes’ allocation, unlike normal numbers.

Many mobile phone packages also exclude freephone 0800 and 0808 numbers for your bundled minutes.

Many companies advertise a separate number that can be used when calling from abroad – This usually begins in the format +44 – There is nothing to stop you using this number from the UK (as it is a normal rate telephone call), and will be included in any inclusive minutes provided by your landline or mobile phone provider.

Many others will give you a standard number if you ask.

This site is all about listing these numbers, saving you money, without having to pay additional charges. To get started and find a particular number, please click on the ‘Search to find an alternative number’ link at the top of the page.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the site.

Please continue to add any new numbers as and when you find them.

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rajiv · July 1, 2010 at 11:24 am

Non geographic telephone numbers are available in an array of ranges starting from 08, 03, 09 and area code numbers. Each of the number range has its own specialty, features, costs and call charges which makes it unique. Non geographic numbers as the name suggests are not attached to any area or region. They are ideal for concealing the scale of business as well as location. By no means can a caller identify the destination to which the call terminates thus providing total freedom of operation for small as well as large enterprises.
However there are businesses which cater to particular city or area. To gain customer’s confidence they need geographic numbers. While geographic numbers can be used for offices set up in that particular region, it sometimes becomes difficult for companies to set up physical offices. In this case international companies apply Area code number and set up virtual office while physical office is located in a different region.
0800 numbers or 0845 numbers are numbers that does not reveal your location and provide a nation wide presence perception for its customers. Area code numbers on the other hand make customers perceive that they are local companies when they are not in real sense.

    Heena Modi · July 18, 2010 at 1:45 pm

    Thanks for this Rajiv
    The other reason people value geographical numbers is because they can be dialled form mobiles without any extra cost. 🙂

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