Sagar sent me the info below. After reading it I thought that perhaps more of us could chip in and encourage innocentdrinks produce vegan products. So here’s the info….

Innocent released their new veg pots today!

“Veg pots are quick and healthy meals made from great tasting vegetables and pulses. Our smoothies have always made it nice and easy for people to get a bit more fruit into their diets, so we’re now doing the same for veg.

Each veg pot provides three portions of veg, is a great source of fibre, are low fat and low in salt. They come in four filling recipes, moroccan squash tagine, tuscan bean stew, pea & broccoli rice, and thai coconut curry. All of which are available in Waitrose up and down
the land (in the chilled bit, near the fresh soup). “

Sagar wrote: –

I thought that it would be the solution to getting vegan food on the go. A quick, nutritious and vegan snack that would be available everywhere – not just health food shops…

Unfortunately – I was immediately disappointed. For some reason, they have put fish sauce in the thai coconut curry, honey in the tagine, and creme fraiche in teh tusacan bean stew and pea and broccoli rice.

I am really disppointed that they have started to use non-vegetarian items and that they have not released a vegan product and I decided to write them a quick e-mail to ask them to release a vegan product in the near future, and posted a message explaining my disappointment on
their blog.

If anyone would like to see a vegan ready meal reaching the shelves of many supermarkets and shops soon – I would suggest getting in contact with them to ask them to launch a vegan product.

If anyone is intersted in doing this, their email address is: –,

and you can post a message here

I guess it may be a while wait before vegan ready meals start becoming easily available on the go…. I guess clives will have to do for now.

Take care all,

Sagar K Shah

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Heena Modi · February 2, 2009 at 8:28 pm

You see we can make a difference: –

**We go vegan***

You ask, we deliver.

Take our veg pots for instance. Lots of you wrote to ask us to make them vegan by removing the ingredients that make them not quite vegan (like honey).

So we’re pleased to announce that our Moroccan and Winter Seasonal recipes are both now suitable for vegans.

It’s worth saying that whenever you have something to say
about the stuff we make, good or bad, you can review any of the drinks and veg pots that we make. Just leave your comments at the bottom of each individual drink/pots’ webpage.

We check the comments every day, we fix the stuff that needs fixing and we give away a boatload of smoothies every month to the person who leaves the most useful and insightful comment. So it’s well worth putting your two pen’orth in.

Vegan pots: –

Moroccan Squash Tagine…


Sweet Potato Chilli

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