This sounds mad doesn’t it? Well you know perhaps not…

Recently Green and Blacks have changed their packaging to state that their vegan chocolate now contains milk products! 

Cadbury’s used to produce more vegan products including Bournville! I will comment on this below but it is no longer vegan either! 

Thorntons used to have many products for vegans. They also used to sell custom made products for customers who could/would not consume other ingredients too! 

So what’s changing? Is it just better labelling? Is it just testing, finding traces of an ingredient and making the move to publicise this for the good of the customer? 

It seems like there’s more to it! 


I received some info about Bournville recently. Unless I’ve misunderstood it, it says that France don’t use veg fat! How likely is that? Anyway let’s accept this for a minute. The email continues to state that Bournville will be made there soon! Thus it will cease to be vegan soon. 

Well that’s RUBBISH! It’s non vegan already! So what was the timeframe in moving the production of Bournville to France? I thought I’d have time to purchase lots of vegan bars before the non vegan ones replaced them! No chance! Asda, Tesco, Waitrose, newsagents. They all have the NON vegan version of Bournville already! 

Cadbury’s are a big company right? So how can they be so lame? Why can’t they ensure Bournville remains vegan? Are we evolving or regressing? I cannot believe that Cadbury’s are being forced to make one of their products change from non dairy to dairy! 

So is there a secret plan to remove all vegan chocs by adding milk or other ingredients?

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Theo Doe · February 3, 2009 at 11:15 am

I definitely share your (and Mahersh’s) suspicions.

For the record, Cadburys took over Green & Blacks a couple of years ago so it’s probably best to think of the two companies as one and the same. As for Thorntons it’s hard to say. There may well be an economic explanation to all of this. As an extremely large company,Cadburys probably own most of their supply chain, which would no doubt include several dairy farms. So in most cases it would be cheaper for them to use dairy ingredients. In addition there may well be some serious lobbying going on behind the scenes by the dairy industry. Who knows for sure.



    Heena Modi · February 3, 2009 at 1:50 pm

    Wonderful. I am not alone!! 🙂

Sam · February 5, 2009 at 11:11 pm

im sick of it, im always looking around on the internet for vegan products,a nd alot of the chocolates i come across are specified as vegan, but may have traces of milk in them, so how can they be vegan. Its like this on hotelchocolate for example.
Another thing, i used to get alot of products from the sainsburys free from range, although some still had eggs or milk in, there were several products which were free from all, untill the “improved” the recipe and now they all contain egg or milk. its just annoying me with these products which were supposing vegan once, and now the labels are changing to specify may contain milk.

    Heena Modi · February 7, 2009 at 3:26 pm

    Yeah I’m with you.
    Sorry that it’s so frustrating. I guess we just have to keep on checking!
    It’s a good idea to write to the relevant companies and share your views too.

    Anyway keep smiling 🙂

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