I went in Caffé Nero today.

I ordered a soya Chai Latté and the lady asked if I had an allergy? I said I was vegan by choice. She then explained that the powder, which is used to make the drink, has milk powder in it. I said that we had it the other day and we did not realise. She said she only noticed yesterday when she looked at the ingredients.

Vanessa found this on their website: –

All of the milk based drinks can be made with skimmed milk.

They can also be made with soya milk.

However the frappe blend we used in our milk based drinks contains milk powder, so the drinks will not be completely dairy free.

The Iced Americano and the Iced Latte do not contain the Frappe blend, therefore if made with soya milk will be dairy free.

No mention of the Latté.

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