I went to a derasar recently, in which they had arranged rice, grains, fruits and so much to create an amazing rangoli! It was so nice! Unfortunately, after the event, one of the men in charge of creating it suggested that it all be bagged and binned. He said that we could take whatever we wanted but the rest would be binned. He explained that they did not have enough people to sort through it and give it away. Thus it was easier to bin it all.

There are humans, birds and other animals that do not have enough food but we’re throwing all this away after using it in the name of religion! How does this make sense?

I have been to other functions and witnessed so much waste. The organisers are so busy thinking about the chronological order of whatever’s happening on the day, the timings, the catering etc. They don’t think about the rubbish, the refuse, the waste.

Some reasonable suggestions: –

Should they encourage people to bring containers in case there is an excess of food?

Should they ensure that the ‘rubbish’ is separated so that it can be recycled?

If they have a fair bit of money, should they invest in plastic plates, cups and bowls that can be washed and re-used?

Surely if the organisations that are holding events in the name of religion, spirituality and culture, set a good example, it will encourage us to follow? Is this not a good moral, monetary and educational investment, which may result in us all helping to save the world from the destruction that we are doing everyday?

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