This recipe has been sent to me by a friend called George. He has been making it for many many years so I’m sure he’s mastered it! Read on for the recipe….

  1. Bring soymilk to boil, 
  2. Allow it to cool in a covered container such as a jar with a lid.  
  3. When it has cooled to slightly warmer than “blood heat” (approx 40°C). The jar should feel hot, but not too hot to hold for long
  4. Stir in some starter, 
  5. About 2 – 3 teaspoonfuls per litre or pro rata.  The starter can be soya yogurt, cow’s or sheep’s milk yogurt, but must be live, i.e. not pasteurised or sterilised.  
  6. Quantity of starter is not very critical – more starter, quicker setting, to some extent.   
  7. Maintain the container at that temperature for 6 – 8 hours. Wrap in hot towels, or place in wide-mouthed thermos flask, or place in airing cupboard, etc
  8. After 6 – 8 hours the mixture should have set into a firm gel.  
  9. There may be a layer of runny whey on top of the gel, which does not matter.  
  10. Store in the fridge until required.  
  11. Keep some of your own make yogurt for use as a starter next time.
  12.  All utensils and containers used should be clean and reasonably sterile (rinse with boiling water).  
  13. Do not uncover the container for longer than necessary to stir in the starter, as the culture could become contaminated by airborne bacteria or fungi.  (Especially don’t breathe over it!)
  14.  A small amount of sugar or vanilla sugar may be dissolved in the soymilk before boiling up, this will give a less tart taste in the finished product.


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