There’s been a discussion on the JainVegan group about making your own alternatives to dairy milk. It sounds so easy, I thought I should share it with those of you who are willing to try it at home! 🙂

Sagar wrote: –

I believe Oatly is a Swedish brand and that the cartons available in the UK are imported from Sweden. I really like the taste of oatly – and its a good (low protein) plant milk which can help reduce the over-dose that many of us will probably be getting from soya products.

I think many of us in the UK probably end up having too much wheat, and too much soya in our diet compared to other beneficial grains (corn/maize, millet, rye, spelt etc) – so unless you have porridge every morning – drinking oatly could be a good way to ensure balance on the grain sides of things. Though porridge in the morning might be a more affordable and equally nutritious option…

Caroline said: –

Just a quick note about Oatley. It’s amazingly easy to make your own oat milk. Soak a cup of oats with 4 cups water overnight in the fridge, then blend and use on cereal the following morning!  Keeps well for a good few days and tastes almost as good.  A friend of mine sifts it through a muslin cloth go get rid of the residue, but I don’t bother as don’t think it matters about the lumps!

Do you know how to make any other forms of alternative milks at home?

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