There have been so many conversations about the snow and the madness of the country coming to a standstill. Here are a few I’ve chosen to begin a bit of a debate. Please add your comments in the reply box below the post.

This country’s so rubbish. Why can’t we cope with a little bit of snow!

The country wasn’t exposed to snow (of this amount) in the last TWO decades. They’re trying to cope with weather that was so infrequent but has since been experienced many times within the last 2 years! Am I right? This is what I recall: –

October 08 (life continued and some of celebrated a ‘white’ Diwali)

February 09 (we came to a standstill as the snowfall wasn’t expected)

December 09 (schools carried on as usual) and

Jan 10 (schools closed)

Looking at the dates above we need to get used to experiencing snow more often. Scary!


School are naff. They’re closed. We have to arrange time off, childcare etc.

Employment changed from people living and working where they lived; to commuting to work. Thus if you live far away from the school you work in and can’t get in; it may be OK if this applies to one member of staff. However, what if half of your staff can’t get in? You have to close! There’s no other way. Or can you see a way forward?

Previously, before schools were under LEA control, they communicated more and helped each other out more. This co-ordination has now gone! Otherwise, teachers would have gone to work at a school that was local to them. For example, if they lived in Watford but worked in Edgware; if they couldn’t get into work because of weather conditions, they’d go to a school in Watford and work there for that day.

If we did that now, it would work as long as the staff lived and worked within the same borough. If not, there’d be issues around safety as boroughs only know about CRB checks done within their borough. However, many people don’t live in the borough that they work in so it wouldn’t alleviate the situation. Would it?

Additionally, some schools were closed on Wednesday 6th Jan and Thursday 7th Jan but opened on Fri 8th Jan. Parents who lived really close didn’t send their children in. It snowed again today, Wednesday 13th Jan and so many children were away. Is there much point in keeping a school open for only a third of the children to attend? If we close we get slated for it and if we’re open and continue teaching as normal, the majority of the class will miss out on the work. What  to do?


Schools are so crap. They won’t let the children play in the snow.

Snow was so rare; we used to rush to get the children out in the snow to experience it. Schools (even in England) have been sued for children breaking limbs in the snow. As a Head, would you take that risk? Especially, when all schools aren’t blessed with a budget for learning equipment let alone money to pay out in compensation.

I have only touched on a few issues that are being discussed recently. Also I’m sure I’ve not covered all the views in this post so feel free to share what you think using the reply button below this post.

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Kops · January 14, 2010 at 1:55 pm

Well as the article states, schools are scared of being sued if any accidents happen. With that as a factor, there isn’t a lot that can be done. The sense of community died years ago, so people wouldn’t go to work locally if they couldn’t get to their actual place of work because of a “well my colleagues wouldn’t do it” attitude. Just society really. Also the people commuting distances doesn’t really hold because 4-6 weeks bad weather isn’t a reason to discourage working outside the local area. Also a lot of jobs are based in city centres. Progress would be better early planning for these kinda situation by the authorities.

    Heena Modi · January 24, 2010 at 3:24 pm

    Yes you’re right
    It’s such a shame!
    I know that a friend of a friend lives outside London and she commutes daily. She couldn’t get in when it snowed. She was told she would have to take that day of not working as part of her leave i.e. from her holiday quota!
    That’s disgusting!
    It’s not her fault if she can’t get in
    I’m sure they didn’t discourage employing people who commute at the interview stage, with the statement ‘if weather conditions prevent you coming in, you’ll be forced to take that time out of your holiday quota’
    Would HR support this?

Alpa · January 15, 2010 at 8:49 pm

Awesome- welldone Heena for putting this all in perspective!

    Heena Modi · January 24, 2010 at 3:19 pm

    Thanks hun 🙂

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