Earlier this month I wrote a post about the BNP & EDL. This post focuses more on how various members of the ‘Indian’ community seem to feel.

So there have been problems between Hindus & Muslims since the British ruled and left India. I think that some people feels it’s history, needs to be forgotten, people need to move on and that people have changed so it past actions should be forgotten etc. However, for those who witnessed their people being raped, killed, tortured, burned & made homeless it must be difficult to forget let alone forgive. I am not being anti Hindu or Muslim here. BOTH communities suffered. BOTH had losses. BOTH were traumatised as a result. I wont go into it now but the Sikh & Jain community also suffered.

Some more background is that many ‘Indians’ & ‘East Africans’ came to the UK after being ‘thrown out’ of their homeland or because they came to fill employment vacancies which the British couldn’t or wouldn’t fill.

I have spoken to some Muslim people who feel that the world is run by the Jewish. They have concluded this because they feel that of members of the Jewish community are in positions of power all over the globe whether they are seen to be or not, they have permanent exhibitions about their experiences even though others who have been suffered have nothing communicated about it to a similar level or in the same way. There are many reasons and for those who believe it; it is a real threat.

In the Gujarati community, many members feel that Muslims are ruling the UK at the very least. They feel that they have mosques popping up everywhere. They feel that they have grants given to them by the Government and that they manage to create faith schools and other things that they want.

Now the thing is, many of these believers are intelligent, educated, professional and wise people yet they think that the fascist parties will drive them out and the country everything will be OK. They don’t seem to understand that they wont stop there! It’ll be us other ‘brown’ people next!

I don’t mean to be harsh but they’re deluded.

During a recession things change and it’s usually not for the better. People get territorial. They suddenly notice things that they didn’t care about before. The public are told about rising unemployment and the issues surrounding it. Some of these issues include: –

  1. Benefits – the public are told that there are a record number of benefit claimants. They are not told that the majority of benefit fraud is committed by employees who exploit loopholes and manipulate the system to e.g. claim benefits for employees that don’t exist
  2. Unemployment – has it really gone up? Have the statistics been shaped and interpreted in a skewed way? Does the number of unemployed only focus on those of working age or does it include the rising number of pensioners who can’t work anyway? Thus painting a misleading picture.
  3. Immigration – is this really a problem? Or is it a Godsend? Are the immigrants doing jobs which British citizens wont do?
  4. Lack of money – really? What about the billions that are evaded in tax each year? If they collected that money there’d be enough for schools, pensions and the health service. Right? Then we could avoid these cuts that have been predicted and promised by Labour and the Tories!

There seems to be a new trend of slagging off the Somali community. I have no idea why. The many Somali people I know and see around the borough are civilised, polite, sensible & peaceful. However, some people in the ‘Indian’ community seem to feel that they are layabouts who spit on the street and cause trouble. It’s funny because the last time I looked the Indian community was full of men who eat ‘paan‘ and spit it out! This is often spat out on the street. The thing is, this is acceptable or tolerated in India but I am not OK with anyone spitting regardless of their race. I have also heard that the Somali community are rough. I have not witnessed this but I do know that many of the children that we teach describe what they have witnessed and it is horrid! They have seen torture, killing & more. They have seen this done to strangers, known members of their community and in some cases, members of their immediate family. That’s horrific! Would you not help if you could?

One person said that Britain has enough problems and should focus on their own. If we take the same stance as we are with these unwanted immigrants and asylum seekers, lets send those who wont work to the army and be rid of them. Really? Lets send those who fraudulently claim benefit to do some form of unpaid work to earn it.

Truly, I don’t know what the answer is but I do know that each race of people, those in every faith group, men & women, young & old; they all have members who do things that they shouldn’t. They all have people who behave in an anti social way. Those who don’t want to work. Those who want to have more and will bend the rules and lie to make it happen.

Claiming benefits is not a black and white issue, pardon the pun. There are people I know who are Indian and those who are not. What they have in common is that they claim benefits but they don’t do so legitimately. I know people in the Indian and non Indian community who feel that they have lived here all their lives, they’ve paid their NICs, they’ve been good citizens and now they want their family to join them. They sponsor their family to come here and get them housed by the council. Their arguments for this include, we deserve it, we’ve contributed enough, we deserve to get something back somehow.

If we send all the immigrants and asylum seekers ‘back’ will it fix anything? I don’t think so! There’ll be more problems, more unfilled vacancies, less children in schools which will mean less money for the school etc etc etc

What do you think?

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gusset · July 20, 2010 at 9:05 pm

All through history there are scapegoats who get blamed for society’s ills. In recent times it was the Irish, then ‘the blacks’. After 2 or 3 generations they get accepted into wider society.

steve. s. · November 2, 2010 at 12:18 am

My name is very english, yet I am quarter lebanese maronite. I am an optician and my bosses are two brothers who are Indian and are great, honest guys. My grandfather was Irish and suffered a type of rascism in the Navy. My grandparents were immigrants…The only true factor is over population and strain on the welfare state,water, food, living space and our blessed NHS. There MUST be regulation and a more efficient , working system to control numbers coming in and turn back bogus people immediately.There are many problems in our country but if we’re talking about asylum then, I feel it has been left to run wild, with bogus A.S’s staying here. All OUR communities will suffer because of over population because of our slack,non-active goverment. Bless all who are genuine and want to work hard and add their own special gifts to our rich cultural nation 🙂

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