Your word

Your word means so much to me yet it means so little!

How can that be?

I want to trust you.
I want to believe you.
I want to feel safe with you.

I ‘NEED’ these things.

Yet time and time again I am left feeling alone & forced into relying on myself, picking up the pieces where you haven’t delivered.

There are so many examples but what’s the point in going over them?

Where do I go from here?

Should I continue to discuss things with you, take you up on offers of support and then get on with it if it’s not delivered?
Should I say no to any form of assistance at all and just do everything myself?
Should I grin and nod when we work things out but know not to expect anything from you?

What’s the point of having a brother, sister, partner, father, mother, best friend or anyone else if I find on a frequent basis, that I can’t rely on them?

What if…I remove all of these emotions and accept that I came alone and I will leave alone.
What if…I use this to LIBERATE me from all of this delusion! 🙂
What if…I use what I know to remain equanimous no matter what?
What if…I use this to help me bind less Karma and become lighter in the process?

What a great choice 🙂

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