I watched this video recently.

It’s short, powerful & brought about so many different thoughts for me.

I think it’s great! 🙂

If you can resist, please read the rest of this post after you’ve watched the video.

Once I’d watched this short film, I had a number of thoughts straight away and more after a few days.

I thought about how powerful the mind is and how little we actually use it.
It reminded me of the subtle thoughts we have which we may not even be aware of & the consequences that come with it.
I felt that it represented the irony of life. Something that feels so important and necessary to one person can feel insignificant to another.
It reminded me that we look but don’t always see.
I felt that we often assume things and may not even think to check it out/question it.
It made me revisit the idea that we often take things for granted and don’t realise until we lose it. If we’re lucky, we can get it back and if not…it’s gone and we’ve learned a hard lesson!
After a few days I thought about how I am often attracted to things that are temporary, not needed and may bring about negative feelings like possessiveness, anxiety and fear. In this film, the boy was attracted to the other boy’s shoes having no idea that being ‘in his shoes’ had far greater consequences than he’d imagined. Then, he couldn’t turn things around to how they were before he was in his shoes! Do we do the same thing? Go for things that may be great in the short term but painful in the longer term?

In my mind, the thought I shared last brought about the most important thought! That…I need to focus more on the things that are permanent and that is the Soul. I can use this video to help me remember to stay focused, not get attracted to things that are going to add to my karmic baggage, be content with what I have, use my mind in a positive way i.e. to elevate myself spiritually and remember that most desires have a fear attached to them. Thus, cultivating equanimity is the key!

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