Here are some scenarios which could have a serious impact on the rest of your life and/or the lives of others.


One mistake and the many consequences that can result from it,
Choose the wrong path and end up in a cage,
Within a few moments you could be robbed of improving your life chances.


One night with the wrong people or person and your name becomes stained,
Perhaps not forever,
Nevertheless is it worth it?
Think of the effort needed to clear your name, character, convince family, friends and strangers now and in the future.


Get careless with how affectionate you are and you could be effected without realising,
A few weeks down the line and you realise you need medication,
It is fixable!

A few years down the line and you realise you are infertile,
The symptoms were non-existent,
You didn’t think to have a check-up,
It’s too late.

You may now wish to go back in time and not take the medication to ‘fix’ the unplanned pregnancy but it’s too late.


One bet,
One more bet,
Just another,
Everything is lost.


Don’t know what you want to do with your life,
Who cares?
It’s so far away,
You’re enjoying being a student,
For now, just choose a course that will ensure you have a further or higher education,
Become a Graduate,

A change of heart re the work you want to do,
Now what?
Study some more?
What else will be postponed as a result?

When will you settle down?
Will you choose to begin your career in a job you don’t want because doing anything else will take too long?


Find a someone interesting,
Want to know more about them,
Meet up,
Nobody else is there,
Nobody knows where you are,
You lied to those who car so that you could see this stranger hoping you’ll find he/she is the one,

The result?

Scarred for life?
Mentally? Physically? Both?


Meet someone whose race, age, wealth, religion, sex, culture or past gets or is going to get in the way,
You cannot have a future together,
Cannot accept his/her baggage,
Cannot accept his/her character as a whole,
Cannot accept that others will not approve,
Cannot make the sacrifice that will come with being with him/her?

Should you start it?
Should you avoid the hurt that may come of you fall in love?



Forget to use/take contraception,
Get carried away without it,
Don’t need to take it seriously?
Confident that you’ll be OK?
A termination?
A child?

A future haunted by thinking about what could have been.


In love,
It lives and blossoms in you both,
Can you make it work?
Have you started something you’re not willing to finish?
Will his/her race, age, wealth, religion, sex, culture or past get in the way?

Are you happier than you’ve ever been?
Can you give up the one thing that makes you happy?

Is it a good move?

Who means more to you?
Can you live with hurting other around you?
Can you live with hurting your partner?
Can you live with hurting yourself?

Either way, it’s a sacrifice,

Be clear,
Be strong,
Be sure,
Stick to it.


All of these poems are about making….a ‘MISTAKE’

Do you want to make the rest of your life successful, healthy, wealthy and happy?

  • Know yourself
  • Be strong
  • Be sensible
  • Think ahead
  • If it is wise, be serious when others are telling you not be
  • Don’t throw your life away by not thinking
  • Go for what you want if it’s right for you, or the people who matter to you more than yourself.
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