Recently I’ve been bothered by the destructive impact of gossip.

I’ve witnessed those I love tie themselves in knots because a ‘friend’ of theirs told them something negative that their common friend said about them.

So Fred, Sandip and Heena are friends. Fred said something to Sandip about Heena. Sandip then told Heena what Fred said.

What followed was:-

  • But why did they say that?
  • Why do they think that?
  • Did I really do that or deserve it?
  • Do they want me to fall out with the friends we have in common?
  • What else have they said about me?
  • Shall I ask them directly?
  • Shall I ignore them and not maintain a relationship with them from now on?

I think there’s something else that needs to be reflected on. Why did the common friend share that information with me!?! What do they stand to gain? What are their motives?

I have seen how destructive it is to share ‘secrets’ and the mental health issues and insecurities that can arise because of it.

The ‘fruits’ may not be visible straight away but that doesn’t mean that there hasn’t been any impact.

Also, did the person who made the negative comments deliberately choose who they told; knowing they’d do their work for them while they sat back and watched what happened as a result?

What do you think?
Is it worth saying no to gossip?
Is it worth telling others not to share it with you?

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