Fear is a strange thing.

The most logical person can suffer from a lack of logic and common sense when they are scared.

What are some of the things people fear?

  • Losing their status/reputation.
  • Loss of wealth.
  • Loss of pride.
  • Loss of beauty.
  • Fear of others.
  • Losing the label of being knowledgeable and clever.
  • Fear of death.
  • Fear of harm from others.
  • Loss of good health.

Life is full of fear and nobody is exempt from feeling it. We often forget how much we work according to fear!

We may do some of the following:-

  • organise our life to avoid situations that cause us fear
  • put things in place to protect us,
  • ‘test’ others to find out their intentions
  • pay others to protect our assets
  • use creams and lotions to maintain a specific look
  • drink special drinks to be a certain size
  • buy clothes regularly so we are seen as ‘trendy’
  • take medicines to try and live longer
  • keep our knowledge up-to-date so we don’t lose an argument or appear clueless
  • keep tools on us to fend others off

We let ourselves be made a fool of because of fear.

Some people spend a lot of money of anti-ageing creams because they want to stop or reduce something that’s completely natural.

Others may walk around with a weapon through fear of being mugged or abused. Of course, that weapon could be turned on the one carrying it, it could hurt an innocent person and worse.

We may commit crimes and/or fraud to stop our money disappearing but if we get caught, the price we would have to pay is unimaginable.

We may be firm believers in non violence yet we’d kill an insect that we fear.

We may fear losing the status we have with our children so we’ll manipulate or create situations that show us in a certain light or reinforce the image that we fear losing.

Fear CAN be beaten!

The only Souls who have won this game of delusion and dishonesty are the Great ones who have been able to rise above all fears and detach internally. It is possible and I imagine that it’s liberating and brings nothing but peace and a feeling of contentedness. I definitely need to work on becoming a little more fearless.

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