I know it sounds strange but there really is something connecting Jainism, Divali and Boomerangs! 🙂

These questions are an introduction to this special connection.
Will you humour me and answer the questions in your mind?

1. When we throw a boomerang what do we expect to happen next?
2. If we don’t expect it to return to us, who can we blame?
3. Upon return, if it hurts, who can we blame?

In the same way, with our thoughts, speech & conduct we bind Karma.
(Boomerang thrown)

If we don’t expect it to return, we’re foolish as THAT is the nature of Karma.
(The nature of a Boomerang)

If we’re not ready for it or it hurts, we can only blame the one who threw it.
It is the thrower who INVITED it back.
If we then get cross, we bind again.
(‘New’ Boomerang thrown)

Mahavir Bhagvan stopped throwing ‘new’ Boomerangs when he received ‘old’ ones so he stopped binding Karma. This is because he stopped reacting. He remained equanimous. (Ashrava, Bandha & Samvar)

Once he accepted all the returning Boomerangs with equanimity; he shed his Karma and attained freedom. (Nirjara).
He attained Moksha!
This is why Jains celebrate Divali.
We hope to conduct ourselves the way he did so that we can also be free. Truly free.

The goal is high BUT we CAN work towards it.

All the best.
Happy Divali.

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