Today I predicted something,
I let it go,
I let it be &
I waited,
to see.

When the event had finished,
I realised I had progressed,
I didn’t want to say ‘I told you so!’ I guess.

That’s good,
But still…
More fool me!
More progress is needed, you see!

I was bothered,
Now that shouldn’t be so,
So I know I still have to fight,
To make things right!

What’s the problem?
Why the fuss?
Why not celebrate?
Just leave it there,
There’s no rush!

But it’s been SO long already,
So much time has passed,
I need to make this striving last.

I need to let go,
I need to move on,
I need to fight…
For a DIFFERENT kind if right.

Why did I have to be right?
Why did he have to be wrong?
Why can’t it JUST be?

No right.
No wrong.
Just witness.
Just see.

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