Imagine this scenario.

You can see a desert through a window.

Now imagine someone you know.
Someone who’s intelligent, has common sense and is practical.

Let’s imagine that your friend is a he.

So you can see a desert.
You’re watching through the window.
You’re observing.

Suddenly you see your friend running in the desert.
He looks purposeful.
It appears as if there’s a specific place that he wants to reach.
You wouldn’t expect anything less from him.

Suddenly he stops.
He bends down.
He picks up some sand and throws it all over him.
He gets more and rubs it into his face.
He can’t seem to get enough of it and so he keeps going.

You are watching and the more you see, the more foolish he appears.
The more ridiculous and nonsensical it seems.

Now imagine that, that man represents us.

We are running through the desert where very little grows yet we are looking for nourishment.
We have a thirst which drives us to seek it out, chase it and grasp it.
This thirst intoxicates us and makes us senseless!
We find some nourishment and we drench ourselves in it but we don’t realise that it’s not really beneficial to us.
It’s not nourishing for the Real us.
Yet we continue to seek out more of this fake nourishment.

This is no different to what the majority of us do every minute of every day!

The desert represents worldly life.
The ‘purposeful’ running represents the thirst. Our desires.
The sand represents the ways in which we please the body e.g. through sensual pleasures, materialistic gains, status etc.
The belief that the sand can bring us happiness and that we should drench ourselves in it, symbolises our delusion. Our foolishness.

The observer is he who knows the Truth.
He who’s experienced the Truth.
He who’s detached from this fake pleasure.
He who indulges in the Real happiness of the Soul.
He who knows the body is temporary but the Soul isn’t.
He who lives in the same world as us, but is aware of its true nature.
He who strives to be alert so that he doesn’t forget what he truly is and fall in delusion again.
He who has risen above worldly life like a Lotus in the muddy waters.

Which would you rather be?

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