Here’s a poem about the thoughts that many of us have with regards to our desires, expectations, insecurities and how we handle change.

I don’t know to be!

I feel so alone
I am not alone, but I feel it
I would rather that I really was alone
It would be easier
I’d have clarity and consistency on a permanent basis

Do I lean on her?
Do I not?
Do I show emotion to them?
Do I not?
Do I talk to him?
Do I not?
I just don’t know how to be!

But why do I feel like this?
Why can’t I see clearly?

Things change all the time!
I myself, am different from day to day, hour to hour, minute to minute or even within seconds!
Very few people have a stable, unwavering way of being
So, why do I expect, my parents, siblings, partner, children or friends to be any different?

I should accept the way things are
I should accept the way people around me are
I should realise that it’s not about me!
I should remember that they too, are suffering

I should be how I want them to be
Unaffected by things outside of me or my control

My peace should remain undisturbed.

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