This is a poem about me! The previous, current and future ‘me.’

Mother nature’s got her eye on me,
I can’t remember the details,
But I know it’s all cos of me,

Past life action causes a future reaction,
It’s all matter, so it can’t follow,
UNLESS it’s been programmed to do so!
And who finalised the destination that it’s programmed for?
Me, of course!
So what am I complaining for?!

All I can do now, is shape the future by remembering the now,
For it is the now, which was caused by me before,
And it is the now, which will determine the future,
This will continue for ever more,
Unless I break this journey, which is getting to be a bit of a chore!

So what to do?
Welcome mother nature,
Well… welcome everything,
Step back and observe,
Just lurve.

That is the key,
Which will set me free.


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