Moving home, unpacking and procrastinating

We moved home in 2013 and although it’s now March 2015; there are 2 boxes, which still haven’t been unpacked.

I have noticed them but avoided going through the contents!

Whose job is it and why hasn’t it been done?

In my mind, both of the boxes had stuff in it, which only I could go through. I avoided it because the contents didn’t have anything in common. If they did, it would be quicker, easier and involve less sorting and thinking.

Inspired to have a clear-out

Last week, Suraj (hubby) went to help his dad clear-out his shed. It inspired me to go through 1 of the boxes, rehouse the contents and clear the space, once and for all.

There were things on top of the box, around it and inside it!

What I didn’t know…

I was feeling quite chuffed as I sorted through the contents on and around the box. Then I opened it and saw Suraj’s things near the top. I was surprised but assumed it was a mishmash of our items. Hence, perhaps it wasn’t a job for me, and me alone.

As I emptied more of it, and as I got to the final layer, I realised it was full of nothing but Suraj’s things. I saw some things and thought “Oh! So this where it’s been!”

The reward

I emptied the box and cleaned the space, after which I felt lighter and happier. That part of the room looked great now.

The realisation

I had got it wrong from the beginning!
It wasn’t a box full of things that only I could go through.
I didn’t need to feel heavy about going through it.
I should’t have felt negative about it and avoid the job for so long, because it felt too hard.

Isn’t it funny, how the mind plays tricks on us?

I thought it was ‘my’ stuff and that it wouldn’t be easy to sort, so I avoided it. However, it niggled at me every time I looked over there, yet it wasn’t ‘mine’ at all.
Whether it was ‘my’ stuff or not; I shouldn’t have procrastinated, and I definitely shouldn’t have let it bother me. Yet I did!

The goal born from this experience

I need to be bothered less by many things; but in this case, I must be less averse to what I see.
I need to procrastinate less, because I know I’ll feel better and lighter for it.
I need to work on feeling more content with the way things are.

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