Rights, privileges and conditions

Am I doing any harm by taking what’s freely available?

Many people think that they’re not taking away from others when they receive support from the Government. It’s free and there to be claimed. Do you agree? 

Others feel that they deserve assistance because they paid taxes, worked for x amount of years and may not get a great pension. Thus why should I use my own savings, when the Government can and should, help me out?!  

A different view

Resources are not limitless. So some claimants will receive and others will be turned away. What if someone who was genuinely in need, didn’t get what something because it went to someone who felt they had a right to it, although they didn’t need it? 

Something that’s free is never really free. Someone funds it, maintains it and sustains it. 

Society pays for it in one way or another and when people commit fraud, it results in a misallocation of resources. This will lead to a shortage of resources or a higher cost for all.


What is theft and what is not? When we take something because we can, does it mean we should? Does it absolve us of theft, fraud, cheating and greed? Also, is it really rightfully “ours” to take?

The dilemma

It’s not right, but what do we do? Should we report a friend or relative who’s abusing the system? Is it OK to turn a blind eye? Should we be honest, say our piece and then leave it be? 

I am all for helping people who need it, but when it’s abused, I’m all for that support being taken away!

Let me give you some examples. 


There are some who have properties which they rent out. That’s fine. Then comes the day when they need some work done in their ‘own’ home. That’s also fine! However, they ask the company that they’re purchasing the items from, to write the address of the rented property on the invoice, so that they can claim it as an expense. Why? To show less profit and pay less tax. 

Whether it’s an example like that described above, or MPs claiming expenses for second homes, or staff claiming expenses, for example, for meals with clients when they were actually with friends/family; it’s all fraud, isn’t it?

Disability passes

I know a number of people who have been given the privilege of having a disability pass. It’s priceless and helps them park where others would be expected to park further away and walk, the parking may be free, the spot may be wider and so on. 

The pass is awarded to the person who has a disability. Yet, I know people who borrow passes from family members so that they can avoid paying for parking. I know others who take the pass with them so that they can park close to where they want to go but the person whom the pass belongs to isn’t with them. 

Why do they think they have the right to avoid fees or park where others can’t when they’re out and about without the person who has the pass? 

Family tax credit 

I know people who are on a high tax rate because they earn a lot of money, yet they complain that they no longer qualify for family tax credit. 

I don’t understand why they think they deserve it and are offended by changes to their income affecting their right to receive it. Can they not forfeit other things if they’re feeling the pinch or do they expect others to fund their lifestyle of expensive wining and dining.

Receiving materials like nappies

I know of people who had dependents assessed, and the adult was awarded help in the form of nappies. The adult didn’t need them or use them, so the family member who was caring for them, struck up a deal with a pharmacist. The pharmacist took the nappies and sold them, in exchange for giving them free toilet roll and other household items. 

How is that fair? They’ve lied about the needs of the dependent, been awarded assistance and then used it to get things that everyone else has to pay for! 

Give help where it’s due

I reiterate that I am not against helping those who need it, I don’t think people should be left to die or deteriorate if they can’t support themselves, but I am completely against abusing a system, which others may not have access to, because others commit fraud and take what they don’t need. 

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