I’m going to write a more detailed post about this later. That post will explain why what I’m about to share is so positive and such a big deal to me. However, until then…

Buying a car

I used carwow to research buying a used car and a new car. I did this to compare the difference in price between the two, as well as, see what various dealers had to offer.

It was so easy! I selected the cars that I was interested in and within 24 hours, I had 5 offers in my inbox.

The sellers were great in terms of responding to messages and everything was online until I selected the ‘request a call’ button.

Having everything online was good because I could see everything in one place, I could go back to it whenever I needed to and I wasn’t being hassled on the phone because I was in control of that.

If you use this link to buy a car using carwow, I’ll get a voucher worth £50.

“carwow users save an average of £3,600 on a new car. It’s the easiest way to great great deals from official dealers.”

A reward…

Selling a car

The Car Buying Group were amazing! I inputted my car registration and they gave me a quote straight away.

We talked about the car and the condition it was in, they amended the quote slightly and we booked for someone to come and collect the car.

On the day of collection, the person arrived, checked out the car, sent photos of the car to the approval team, we waited for them to transfer the money, checked that the money was in my account, handed over the documents and then he left.

“Free Nationwide Collection, Immediate, Secure Payment, No Fees”

A general tip

Just in case you’re a trusting person and would let the buyer leave before checking the money is in your account, please don’t. I’m not saying this about The Car Buying Group, I’m sharing it as a general tip.

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