So Suraj and I have had a difficult year. Nothing traumatic but we needed to getaway. So far some of the huge things that have happened are: –

Got married – this is not part one of a list of things that are difficult by the way 🙂

Changes in living arrangements

Learning to live together

Playing a large part in a big wedding within our immediate family

Changes in employment

Changes in management at work

Health issues

Members of our extended family being unwell

Multiple deaths in our extended family

& more

So anyway, with all of this going on we wanted a break. We couldn’t find anything that fitted in around the dates when we were available which didn’t cost heaps. 🙁

Finally, we found a city break deal with Easyjet.

So off we went to Marrakech! 🙂 We got there and it was nice and warm! A great thing to feel straight away! Well, for me anyway 🙂

As Suraj has written in his post, it was good that he’d found out how much we needed to pay the taxi to get to the hotel as a driver tried to con us. So we got to the hotel, which was called the Dellarosa, and it was great! In terms of the room, the personal service, the extra bits provided as part of our stay and the food; it was great!

So on our first day we ventured into the Djamaa El Fna, the square. It was busy in terms of how much there was going on but it was great. There were food stalls, places selling clothes, jewellery, ornaments & more, as well as, ladies doing Mehendhi/Henna. We also checked out the Soukhs. Definitely worth a trip there.

While we were in the area we went to a place called Earth Cafe. Suraj found it on the internet and was keen to take me there as they serve many vegan options. The food was delicious!

When Suraj and I went to St. Lucia we played drafts together and developed the urge to play different board games together. We’ve got a few since then and Suraj and I have started to take them with us to play on the tube, train, plane, at cafes etc. We took one of our new games called Chaos to Earth Cafe. The photo shows you who won. 😉 The aim of the game is to get rid of all your pieces first.

We did a lot of chilling out and playing games at the bar. I’ll tell you more about what we got up to at the bar later. 🙂

So what else did we do? We did some touristy stuff. We went to see the Ben Youssef Medrassa, the Almoravid Koubba and the Mnebhi Palace & Musee de Marrakech. I definitely think it’s worth going. It was beautiful. Here are some of the photos we took: –

Ben Youssef Medrassa

Ben Youssef Medrassa

Almoravid Koubba

Almoravid Koubba

Almoravid Koubba

The walk to the Djamaa El Fna or the Soukhs is about 15/20 minutes. On the way back to the hotel we were lucky enough to see the sun setting. It was gorgeous!

Finally, in terms of excursions, we went to the Ourika Valley Waterfall. I’ve never seen a waterfall before. It was such a nice surprise. 🙂

Check out the footbridge below.

We saw this village on the way there. Timeless!

Now I said I’d tell you about what else we got up to in the bar didn’t I? Well…Suraj did something he’s not done before. He serenaded me. Another surprise! And not just once either! Sometimes he sang alone and at others times the group of musicians who were there each night, joined in with him. It was really nice to witness him doing it and see how it made him feel. 🙂 It goes without saying; it was amazing to be sung to as well!

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Suraj Shah · February 14, 2010 at 12:32 pm

Cute, very cute my darling.

It was most certainly a wonderful few days of quality time out for us both.

The singing – well what can I say – would love to sing more, if I can train my voice.

Thank you for capturing the memories of our time together, in this blog post.


Marrakech with the Missus | Suraj Dinesh Shah · February 14, 2010 at 12:42 pm

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