Khwaja Mere Khwajaa

This song is from the film Jodha Akbar. When the Sufis sing this song the emperor himself gets up and joins them whilst the Sufis dance. He appears intoxicated in this Bhakti. There’s something about it, regardless of the faith that I follow; which makes me feel at peace, hopeful and divine. Read more

By Heena Modi, ago

I can be what I want to be by Nas

This post is about a song which is sung by a hip pop artist. It’s inspirational, reflective, hopeful and empowering! I think this song is inspirational. Often music is about love, sex, drugs, fighting etc. but it’s NOT about bettering yourself. This song focuses on the fact that children CAN. Read more

By Heena Modi, ago

Keep ya head up – Tupac

I found this song really moving. Have you heard it? What do you think? Lyrics: – Some say tha Blacker tha berry Tha sweeter tha juice I say, tha darker tha flesh and tha deeper tha roots I give a hollar to my sisters on welfare Tupac cares, but don’t Read more

By Heena Modi, ago