My friend Steve sent this to me in an email. I thought it was so inspiring I asked him if I could feature it on my website. What do you think of it?

Golden Time of Day

When the realisation that you can be all that you dream strikes you between the eyes.

When fear is removed and nothing can stop you from all your heart desires.
When you finally open your eyes and be as you are and not as others want you to be.
That’s the Golden Time of Day – the time you were born to see.
When you decide to aim for the stars as opposed to the high looking tree tops below.
When you map your own destiny and be responsible for where you want to go.
When you choose to fly with the eagles, leaving the pigeon majority to their average ways.
These are the magical moments and every moment should be the Golden Time of Day.
When you allow in the love that you say you deserve.
When you speak the truth, whether or not it wants to be heard.
When your words spoken correlate to the actions that you deliver.
That’s the Golden Time of Day – the place from where you should act – forever.
Author ~ Steve Rock

Steve Rock

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