As easy as riding a bike!

Can you ride a bike? Everyone can! Right? Well….you may be surprised to learn that many children and adults can’t ride a bike for one reason or another.

I had a fear of not being able to balance and falling off my bike when I was a child. My dad had a slipped disc and thus he found it difficult to manage me.

Anyway I never learned! I’ve wanted to ride a bike for so long but either didn’t have the nerve, it wasn’t a priority or there were things stopping me. Anyway I saw this advert for free cycling lessons in Harrow. Your borough may be providing them too. Check if out! 🙂

So I contacted them, filled out a form and was booked in for a 2 hour session. I was nervous but saw it as a challenge and it was GREAT!

The instructor, Dara; was positive, honest, perceptive, observant and sharp. All great things really. He also taught in a way which made the learner independent and of course the glory is all theirs when they succeed. His manner was non intrusive which meant you felt relaxed and free yet looked after.

So I learned to balance, stop, pedal and ride the bike all in a very short space of time.

This service is great because you are in the hands of specifically trained, skilled teachers who can also advise the learner about the bike they should buy, why, things to look out for, what they do not need and so on. Expert advice!

That’s what I learned today.

Do you have something you want to learn? Can you make it happen? Go for it! It’s so rewarding when you get there. Of course it may not be learned in a couple of hours but that goes for my next mission so lets not be put off by that! 🙂


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