What? – Cycle 300km from Agra to Jaipur!

Where? – Rajasthan. Rajasthan is a fantastic blend of geography, people, religions and history. Exploring and traversing this ancient land by bicycle is to embrace the wonder of India…..

When? – 22 December to 1 January (dates may vary slightly). You will be able to enjoy India’s infamous New Year’s eve party scene!!
How? – All you have to do is raise the minimum sponsorship funds for your category (students, to full time employees, to Business & Corporates). When you are taking part in an amazing challenge such as this, you will be surprised how easy it is to raise the money from your friends, relatives and contacts. And we will help and guide you to achieve your target amount.

Further details – This exhilarating 300km journey starts in Agra, home of the Taj Mahal. Sunrise at the Taj Mahal makes a breathtaking backdrop to the start of the challenge; and as we enter the Rajasthani territory our journey takes us along exhilarating ascends and descents, crossing this region of remarkably diverse flora, fauna and landscape. The ride along the Aravali mountain range (the oldest mountain range in the world), dotted with colourful tribal villages, cultivated fields, fascinating temples, dense forest, sandy deserts, and views of dramatic ruined forts, whilst spending memorable nights under the stars on the grounds of picturesque campsites (5 star!) to splendid Indian Palaces.

This is a perfect adventure, with some tough cycling days, with some time off-road, through bustling cities and rural life that seems frozen in time, with the ever changing back drop of rivers, small lakes and a fascinating wildlife.

The challenge finishes in Jaipur, with a victorious Elephant ride down the slopes of its famous fort, a fitting end to an unforgettable experience.

Take part in one of these cycle challenges and you’ll get fit, view some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes from a whole new perspective, push yourself to new limits, raise essential funds for  rural education, and come away with amazing memories, an album of photos, a new team of friends and most of all an incredible sense of achievement and personal fulfilment!

How much will it cost me personally?

All you have to pay personally is for your flight (we are negotiating group rates), and around £250 -£300 (subject to confirmation, costs being finalised) for this unique experience.

How big will the group be?

We hope to take with us around 125 – 150 cyclists! This will be the first time that India will witness such a large group of cyclists from all over the world, testing their endurance and stamina, for the benefit of those less advantaged themselves.

For logistical reasons, there will obviously have to be a limit on numbers. So register early! There’s never a better time than now.

What will the accommodation be like?

During the challenge you will be staying in good accommodation – either hotels, heritage accommodation or luxury tented camps (with en suite facilities!)

What is the food and drink like?

If you’ve ever been on one of our past events, you’ll know that the food we provide will be varied, healthy, nourishing, tasty and plenty of it!

Who will be managing the project?

The event will be managed by Veerayatan India. We will be partnering with one of India’s best known adventure companies who will be running the itinerary, the logistics and safety of the group.

How will the sponsorship funds be used?

The funds will be used to establish schools, vocational training and medical centres in each of the following rural settings in India – Vaishali, Guniyaji, Barakar (Rijubalika), Palitana and Junagadh (Girnar). The project will be managed by Veerayatan, a charitable institute based in India with an excellent track record of managing such centres in Bihar and Kutch.

All our projects are run on zero administration costs – i.e. every penny you raise will go directly into charity projects!

No doubt there will be a lot more questions, and we’ll try and answer them all. If you are interested, call or e mail the following people for more information, or look out for our official event launch party (date to be confirmed).

For more information please contact :
Mahendra Mehta – mahendra@augergroup.com
Pravina Mehta – pravinamehta@aol.com


Veerayatan is a charitable organisation founded in 1973 in India to uplift and empower humanity through the three jewels of seva (humanitarianism), siksha (education) and sadhana (inner development).

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