Do you get frustrated with certain types of emails? Do you dislike chain mail? Do you dislike free marketing emails? Do you dislike the ‘send this back to me so I know you care’ emails? Well here’s the way forward, without getting or giving agro. Simple! Send the text that I’ve pasted below 🙂

Hi. The person who sent you this link is a friend who likes you a lot but who wants you to respect their email address, their privacy, and their time.

Chances are, this person asked you to visit this page because you did one of these things:
Forwarded a funny story, a virus warning, or a photo that you enjoyed
Sent email to lots of people using the “To:” line (instead of the “BCC:” line), thereby exposing your friend’s email address to strangers
CC’d your friend unnecessarily on something you had sent primarily to someone else

In any case, you might want to go back and have another look at the email they’re replying to. They asked you to visit here because, while they love getting one-on-one, personal messages from you, they really don’t want to receive more messages like the one you just sent. Cool?

You’re not a bad person, and no one hates you, but it would be valuable to learn the very personal preferences of your friends, family members, and co-workers before including them in unrequested email or choosing to expose their private address to people they don’t know.

Thanks for understanding, and if this same thing ever happens to you, feel free to reply to an email you don’t want by pasting this in:

Hi there, beloved friend of this email recipient: Please visit
Because this person likes getting personal messages from you, but doesn’t want any more email like this, please.

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