I purchased a juicer once and really disliked using it because it was so hard to clean & there was lots of waste i.e. fruit that wasn’t turned into juice! 🙁 So I asked my friend who knows someone who owns a juice making company, for advice.

Here it is: –

Try the Phillips range of Juicers. They have had good reviews and do a whole selection of foods – hard and soft produce.

Things to consider when buying are:

  1. Ease of cleaning – u want as few parts as possible.
  2. The quantity juiced – subject to how much you want to juice, make sure your machine can handle that quantity in one go because you do not want to keep clearing out pulp or emptying the juice out when making your drink.
  3. What do you really want to juice? What do you love? If it is soft fruits – consider a good blender because you will get the nutrition from the skin and pulp. Also, blenders can also make smoothies.

Happy Juicing….



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