In the Jain & Hindu community, members of the community often donate money for causes, for example, helping those who find it hard to survive, in India. We also donate to partake in certain pujas. They may do this in other faiths too & if you of such things please let me know.

So why do we do it?

  • To gain respect from other members of the community?
  • To announce our wealth to all and sundry?
  • To show off?
  • To feel good?
  • To see our name in print e.g. Lucy donated £101 towards those suffering from the effects of the earthquake in Gujarat?
  • To set an example which we think others should follow?

If we don’t want any of the above, which result in a boost to our ego, why not give an anonymous donation? If we think others should follow suit, we are still achieving that but in a way which does not draw attention to the giver, but rather, the act of giving.

Any thoughts?

Donate money

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