A friend of mine sent this to me because I am recently exploring a vegan diet. I am quite grateful for the information because I would not expect the tomato sauce or the base to have dairy or other animal-derived ingredients. So read on and let me know if you know of anything else that us Vegans need to know please.


Many vegans wrongly assume that all pizza without cheese is vegan. In some pizza restaurants in the UK the pizza base or the tomato sauce contain dairy or other animal-derived ingredients. Also, pasta dishes are often made using egg pasta! A summary of the main pizza restaurants follows.

Pizza Express have written and confirmed that that their pizza bases are suitable for vegans, as is their tomato base which is simply fresh tomatoes, salt, pepper and fresh basil. They state it is important for you to mention how strict your diet is to the manager on duty, so as the chef can implement all necessary procedures to avoid cross contamination. (We further understand that on request the dough
balls, bruschetta and garlic breads can be made without dairy ingredients, substituting olive oil instead).

Ask Restaurants (ASK) have confirmed that that their Margharita, Mushroom, and Vegetariana pizzas (ordered without cheese, of course!) are suitable for vegans.

Dominos Pizza have a number of vegetarian pizzas listed on their website which appear could be veganised if ordered without any cheese.

Pizza Hut chain: the pizza base contains dairy products.

Here are some pictures of some ‘cheeseless’ pizzas.

Cheeseless pizza

Cheeseless pizza

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Sagar · February 11, 2009 at 10:29 pm

Pizza Expresses bases may be vegan but do you know why so many of their pasta dished aren’t vegan? Here’s the answer….

Pizza express now state on their menu that many of their pasta dishes can be made vegetarian if the parmesan (actually Grana Padano) is removed…(prior to this, any
dish with parmesan was not labelled as vegetarian, even if it did not contain any other non-vegetarian dishes) because it contains rennet from calf.

Why? ‘Parmesan cheese’ cannot be vegetarian – because of the fact that in the EU in order for it to be legally called Parmesan or “Parmigiano-Reggiano” – it must come from
the Northern Italy area where animal rennet is used.

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