I rarely watch or listen to the news because I find the content sad or worse. I came across this newspaper at a cafe I went to. Believe it or not, they only report positive news! Here’s some more about it: –

Positive News began life as a quarterly international newspaper in 1993 reporting on the people, events and influences that are helping to create a more positive future for the world and its people.

The brainchild of Shauna Crockett-Burrows, the paper now has a circulation of 75,000 worldwide, and continues to expand.

Positive News reports on issues rarely covered by the mainstream media and promotes the many enterprises that are working for a sustainable future. The UK edition of the paper is published by Positive News Publishing Ltd, a not-for-profit company based in Shropshire.

The paper flourishes thanks to the valuable support of its loyal readers in the form of subscriptions and advertising. All subscribers receive a free copy of our 36-page full colour magazine Living Lightly delivered to their door. Donations are welcome from individuals and organisations who wish to provide greater support for our work and can be made online through the Enrichment Fund, Phone Co-op or Simply Energy.

Find out more about Positive News here 🙂

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