This was written after the big headlines in the news questioning whether students were passing with higher grades because they were doing well or because the exams were easier. Do you have an opinin about this?

What a trauma!
You have passed!
But is it a sign of success?
Or merely fluke?

To pass is meant to bring joy and a sense of achievement, is it not?
So why do I feel as if it has been given to me rather than something I earned?

Was it cheaper to pass me now rather than later?
Where there is a trainee, the requirement for time to train exists.

Was it because society needs a certain number of passes to increase their faith in the system?

Is it because the industry needs it?
Their demands are not being met?

Is it because you worked for it, earned it and did well?
Do you need reassuring?
Do you have anyone to help you feel more positive about it?
Is it down to you, others or a mixture of both?

The success if rightfully yours! Please don’t forget it….

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