I saw this film quite a while back but I didn’t have this website then. I was talking about it for days. It takes history and uses it to express what was happening ‘now’. I couldn’t help but feel as if the boys in the film were right, righteous and just. Another excellent film to be bought for ‘the collection’

So what’s the big deal?

Rang de Basanti is about a group of young people who get fired up by feelings of patriotism and nationalism while making a film about a group of freedom fighters.

The film’s name comes from the colour saffron, or basanti, which is prominent on the Indian flag and is also the colour of sacrifice.

Released in January 2005, Rang de Basanti was a resounding box-office hit in India.

Rang de Basanti also touches on the ‘split’ or tension between members of the different faiths e.g. Hindus, Muslims , Sikhs etc. I have always struggled with a whole group of people being labelled negatively or positively. This film highlights the consequences of this type of thinking which

A clip for you 🙂

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