I remember being told that ‘your thoughts, words, actions, habits and character can influence your life positively and negatively’

I went to an event in which we learned about the power of the mind. The power of our thoughts. To put it simply, which is the extent to which I understand it….if you think ‘I don’t want to be robbed’; the energy ‘out there’ doesn’t understand the ‘I don’t want’ part so you ‘attract’ the robbing part. Thus rather than thinking about what you DON’T want, think about what you DO want. The forces around you will make it happen.

Your words, your dreams, and your thoughts have power to create conditions in your life.
What you speak about, you can bring about.
If you keep saying you can’t stand your job, you might lose your job.
If you keep saying you can’t stand your body, your body can become sick.
If you keep saying you can’t stand your car, your car could be stolen or just stop operating.
If you keep saying you’re broke, guess what? You’ll always be broke.
If you keep saying you can’t trust a man or trust a woman, you will always find someone in your life to hurt and betray you.
If you keep saying you can’t find a job, you will remain unemployed.
If you keep saying you can’t find someone to love you or believe in you, your very thoughts will attract more experiences to confirm your beliefs.
If you keep talking about a divorce or break up in a relationship, then you might end up with it.

Turn your thoughts and conversations around to be more positive and power packed with faith, hope, love and action.
Don’t be afraid to believe that you can have what you want and deserve.

Watch your Thoughts, they become words.
Watch your Words, they become actions.
Watch your Actions, they become habits.
Watch your Habits, they become character.
Watch your Character, for it becomes your destiny.

The minute you settle for less than you deserve, be prepared that you may even less than that!
Watch how your circumstances and situations begin to change when you change the way you speak.
‘Life is like melted chocolate. . .once things cool down, it can be reshaped!’

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Suraj · November 10, 2008 at 11:30 am

spot on! focus on what you DO want, not on what you don’t want.

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