Suraj and I went to Cafe Rouge today to have breakfast with some friends.

I’ve never been keen on Cafe Rouge. My friend used to work there and we always used to say that they charged too much for what they were selling. Also, there wasn’t much on the menu for vegetarians but this was a long time ago. 

Meeting up with these friends was important to Suraj and I thought that they may have progressed over the last ten years and started catering for a larger clientele. Thus I thought that it was worth giving it a shot. 

What a let down! 

The company was lovely by the way. It was rest which I was disappointed with!

The food

We looked at the breakfast menu and there was nothing vegetarian, let alone vegan! The waiter brought the lunch menu to us but it was very similar. Suraj asked if the chef could prepare something for us but the waiter said no. He said we could have what was on the menu and that was it. 

Suraj then asked if we could have a baguette with mushrooms, onions & salad because there seemed little else! It filled a hole but wasn’t very enjoyable. 

The service

Well, if I’m being kind I would say it was slow! 

It took ages for them to bring one of the 4 hot drinks to our table. When it came there was no milk. The milk finally arrived after we asked 2/3 times and then the tea was cold so we asked for it to be heated up again. However, they didn’t bring a new cup. The initial cup had cold tea in it, which wasn’t taken away when she took the pot of tea to reheat. I didn’t think that it could be so difficult. 

I asked for a filter coffee. What a mistake! It took ages. 

On a positive note, the bill came quickly and some hot water, to dilute the coffee came quickly too. 

Have you had a better experience there?

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7 · February 15, 2009 at 7:56 pm

heya! I’ve always had a good experience with Cafe Rouge, but never with the food. I think we tried it once and it was okish. But usually just go there for coffee… I suppose it depends what you go for and what you expect right?

    Heena Modi · February 15, 2009 at 8:10 pm

    Expectation is key to anything I guess.
    In my mind, it’s not unreasonable to expect to go to eat somewhere and the chef make something if their menu does not cater for that customer. Especially when they’re as big as Cafe Rouge i.e. the number of branches they have etc.
    Also I guess you’re paying and you’re consuming so you’d expect the tea and milk to come together or within a short period of time.

    Anyway never mind. 🙂

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